What is the Warrior Way?

What is the Warrior Way?
Posted on 09/09/2016

You've heard the kids talk about it. You've heard teachers and staff talk about it. But, you may still be wondering... 'What is it?'

The Rice Lake Warrior Way is one of the foremost advances in the emphasis of school-wide systems of educational support. It includes proactive strategies for teaching, defining and supporting appropriate student behavior, creating positive school environments in the process.

Instead of targeting individual behavior management, the Rice Lake Warrior Way is a continuum of positive behavior support for all students, not only in the classroom, but across the entire educational experience. Sometimes referred to as PBIS, or Positive Based Intervention Support, the Rice Lake Warrior Way focuses on research-validated practices that improve lifestyle results for all children.

When a school district as a whole concentrates on teaching behavioral expectations, and rewards students for living up to those expectations, a positive school culture is created and academic success is maximized. And that, is the Rice Lake Warrior Way.