Enrolling in School

Families and students new to the district may register for school by visiting the district administration office located at 700 Augusta Street (see map). The district utilizes a "central enrollment" approach to registration, whereby, all students in a family register at one location (the administration building).

You do not need an appointment to register. If you have enrollment questions or need additional information, feel free to contact our central enrollment secretary, Bonnie Ricci at 715-234-9007 ext. 5303 or by Email .

Open Enrollment:

The Rice Lake Area School District shall allow resident/nonresident students residing with the State of Wisconsin to attend a school district other than the one in which they live through the Open Enrollment process. The process for parents to submit enrollment applications takes place in February (between the first Monday in February and 4:00 p.m. on the last weekday in April). For more information and on-line application refer to the Public School Open Enrollment web site: .

Information regarding applying for Open Enrollment using the alternative application procedure is available at the following web site: .

Resources for Parents and Teachers


Please contact Rachelle Brown at the Rice Lake Bus Service (234-2038) if you need to request busing service or make a change in busing arrangements (change of address, etc).

Temporary Bus Change Authorization Form: This is a form that you can print out and complete for your child to give to the bus driver in situations where you need a temporary bus change.  Choose the link at the right to open a copy of the form for your use.

Changes in Student or Family Information

Please be sure to report any changes in student or family demographic data.  Changes include (but not limited too):  Address, phone(s), emergency contacts, family structure, email addresses, health conditions, etc. See the link in the left menu entitled "Making Changes to Student/Family Information" - Many of the changes can be submitted online through your Family Access login.

School District Rapid Response Communication System
Now Has a Text Message Option

For some time now, the RLASD has used a notification service to send phone messages to parents/guardians and staff about weather cancellations and delays, school events, emergency alerts/notifications, etc.  Since June 10th, 2013, we can also send these notifications to you as a text message to your cell phone or PDA.

  • The text message option is available to parents/guardians and staff who have supplied the school with a cell phone number as part of their demographic data.  These people receive an initial text message confirming their ability to receive text alerts/notifications from the district’s schools. It also provides an option for them to Opt Out from receiving future text alerts, if that is their desire.
  • If you currently have not supplied the school district with a cell phone number and would like to be eligible for the text message option, simply
    • Log into your Family Access Account
    • Choose the "Skylert" option to enter the cell phone number you want to get Text Messages at