Student E-Portfolios

The E-Portfolio

The Rice Lake School Board approved an E-Portfolio graduation requirement beginning with the class of 2014.  The E-Portfolio has four categories: Academic/Achievement Artifacts, Career, Personal, and Service Learning.  Students are required to include evidence that showcases their learning and growth throughout high school in all four categories.

Students begin building their E-Portfolios in Freshman Success.  Over four years, they select work for their E-Portfolios, reflecting on the work,reviewing, and adding to the E-Portfolio.  During senior year, all students are required to take American Citizenship, where they finalize their portfolios and prepare for an E-Portfolio presentation given to a team made up of community members, educators, and parents.  In this presentation, students display and discuss the contents of their E-Portfolios.

Purpose of the E-Portfolio

 The E-Portfolio is a collection of material that reflects students’ academic progress, personal development, and future aspirations and dreams.

 These materials can be used for entrance into the larger world beyond high school:

  • job applications and interviews
  • applications for school and scholarships
  • personal reflection and decision-making
  • developing organizational skills
  • methods for marketing oneself
  • communicating effectively
  • highlighting individual interests