Swimming Lessons - FAQs

How do I Register for Swimming Lessons?

What if the session I want is closed/full?

  • You best option is to pick another session that still has openings.  

What happens if I "Add to Waiting List"

  • If an opening comes up in that session, people on the waiting list (starting with the top of the list) will be contacted to see if they want to get into the session.  The contact is likely to be in the form of an email that will contain a link for you to "Pay Invoice" - Once the invoice is paid, your spot will be reserved.

Now that I have registered for classes, how can I get back in to see my registrations?

  • You should receive an email after registration is complete.  The email will show you the schedule sessions and also provide a link to "My Registrations" if you want to log back in to check them.
  • On the swimming lessons webpage, their is also a direct link for Check Your Reservations

What if don't have access to a computer or smart phone to register/pay with?

  • Any computer that has Internet access or smart phone should work.  Some of your options include a friend or neighbor or the public library.  As a last resort, you can stop at the swimming pool for assistance but it is not likely to be open when registration opens.

Can I register and pay (in cash) at the pool instead of online?

  • This option should only be used as a last resort.  Online registration will open during non-business hours for the pool and you would not be able to come to the pool to register/pay until the next day.  It is very likely that lessons will be "full" by the time you do come to the pool office.

How can I request a "change" to my registered time/level?

  • Contact the swimming pool at 715.234.4279 or email us

How can I "cancel" my registration?