Rice Lake Data

The Rice Lake School District is located in Northwest Wisconsin.  Located in the beautiful Red Cedar River valley, the City of Rice Lake, with a population of 8,6391, is the largest community in Barron County and serves as a center for commerce, manufacturing, health and educational services.  Rice Lake is a thriving rural community with many opportunities for its graduates to attend postsecondary institutions and/or start a career. Home to UW-Eau Claire-Barron County and the Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College, 63.4% of Rice Lake High School graduates (Class of 2019) attended a 2 or 4 year institution within the first year after graduation2. Barron County had a population estimated at 45,244 in 20192 with 90.2% of residents being a high school graduate or higher (persons age 25 years +) and 19.9% of residents having a Bachelor’s degree or higher.2
A breakdown of the 2018-2019 Rice Lake Area School District student population is below2:

Total Student Enrollment:  2276  
Percentage of Students Designated with Low Income/Socio-Economic Status (SES):
Percentage of Students Designated with Disabilities: 15.6% 
Percentage of Students Designated as English Language Learners: 1.4%

Race and Ethnicity Data:                                                 
 American Indian or Alaskan Native 0.6%
 Asian 1.5%
 Black or African American 0.5%
 Hispanic/Latino 5.2%
 Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 0.0%
 White 88.5%
 Two or More Races 3.6%

Overall industry growth of about 8% is expected in Barron County over the next 10 years1. Workers are leaving occupations for retirement or job changes, creating openings for trained workers. Of the population currently employed in Barron County, the top five occupational areas based on wage distribution include Natural Resources; Education & Health; Construction; Information; and Manufacturing1

Top 5 Occupational Areas1 
Industry                                     Average Salaries (in Barron County) 
1. Natural Resources                   $46,545
2. Education and Health $45,986
3. Construction $45,807
4. Information $45,213
5. Manufacturing $44,939


Top Industries by Employment (2018)1  Top Paying Hourly Occupations (2019)4 
  1. Manufacturing
  2. Education and Health
  3. Trade, Transportation, and Utilities
  4. Leisure and Hospitality
  5. Professional and Business Services 
  1. Pharmacists
  2. Financial Managers
  3. Nurse Practitioners
  4. Medical and Health Services Managers
  5. Industrial Production Managers
Unemployment Rate (2019 final)4  Miscellaneous Information3
  1. Barron County: 4.0%
  2. Wisconsin: 3.3%
  3. United States: 3.7%

  1. Average Home Cost: $150,200
  2. Per Capita Income: $28,3263
  3. Number of K-12 Public Schools: 34

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