Request Use of District Facilities

District schools are a cornerstone of our neighborhoods and a vital resource within the community.  Effective utilization of these buildings as a community resource is cost effective and improves the quality of life for residents.  The district welcomes and encourages use of the facilities by the community.

How Do I Request a District Space?

  1. Check the Facilities Calendar to see if the space is available

  2. Choose a Facility from the list below to Complete an Online Application 
    Please submit the application a minimum of seven working days prior to the activity. 
    Large events require a minimum of 30 days advance notice.
    Rice Lake High School Haugen Elementary School
    Rice Lake Middle School Hilltop Elementary School
    Administration Building Tainter Elementary School
    Warriors on Wisconsin River Doc Nature Conservancy

  3. If the approved request requires a permit/contract, the contact named under "Person Responsible" will be assigned/notified of his/her permanent PIN number.  That person will be sent a Facilities Permit/Contract that will need to be signed electronically using the PIN number.  The response constitutes an electronic signature and indicates approval of the permit/contract.

Questions? - Contact the Facilities Scheduler for the requested facility (below)

Facility Facilities Scheduler Phone Email
Rice Lake High School Jodie Lenhart 715-234-2181 x5242 Email
Rice Lake Middle School Jessica Miller 715-234-8156 x5056 Email
Administration Building Jen Burish 715-234-9007 x5053 Email
Haugen Elementary School Jamie Kunesh 715-234-7341 x5022 Email
Hilltop Elementary School Chris Panasuk  715-234-4998 x5039 Email
Tainter Elementary School  Erika Halbur 715-234-8065 x5034 Email
Warriors on Wisconsin Colleen Kinziger 715-234-8612 x5020 Email
River Doc Nature Conservancy  Cate Lucas 715-234-9007 x 5878 Email

Facilities Use Regulations and Rental Fees