Gifted and Talented/Advanced Learning

Welcome to the Rice Lake Area School District's
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This site is designed to provide information, forms, and updates for families and interested community members.

The Gifted & Talented/Advanced Learning (“GT/AL”) program is one of many efforts at the Rice Lake Area School District to better meet students’ individual learning needs. Students at all functional levels need to be challenged and provided with opportunities to make the most of their learning experiences.

The purpose of the GT/AL program is to bring about the best match between the student’s level of skill or ability and what our curriculum can offer that child.

Brittany Ahlberg
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Feel free to contact Brittany Ahlberg if you have any further questions.

Mission:  "We will partner with students, families, and community members to provide a safe learning environment to ensure our students achieve academic and personal success as they become life long learners."