Summer Academy

Summer Academy signup is done through an "Online" Process
see the Summer Academy Newsletter for details

SS Booklet

 Dates: Session 1:  July 19-30
  Session 2:  Aug. 2-13
 Times: Mon-Fri, 8:00 - 11:40
 Location: Tainter Elementary

What if my child is not currently enrolled in a RLASD school?

·If your student is not currently enrolled/attending a school in the district, parents will need to fill out an online enrollment form specifically for summer academy (“Enroll in RLASD for Summer Academy”) located in the Quick Links on the right hand side of the page.  Soon after submitting the enrollment form, the parent/guardian will receive an email with a username and password for their online Family Access account – You will need to use this account to complete the “registration” and “class schedule” steps. 

·Tuition for non-resident students is $230 per student per session.


April 19-May 17  Online Enrollment for those not currently attending a RLASD school but attending a private school in the district
April 19 - May 17 Parents/Guardians test out their Family access accounts in preparation for online registration and class selection
 May 3
Online registration and class selection for Summer Academy open
May 17 Last day to register for summer academy
Early July Parents receive emails with reminders and information about summer academy
July 19 Summer Academy session 1 begins
Aug 2 Summer Academy session 2 begins
Aug 13 Last day of summer academy


Quick Links  

Summer Academy Newsletter

Enroll in RLASD (for Summer Academy) - Only for students currently enrolled in a private school within the Rice Lake Area School District

Summer Academy Booklet

Instructions- Registering & Selecting Courses 

See your Busing Information - In Family Access

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