Destination Imagination

About Destination Imagination
Wisconsin DI

Destination Imagination (DI) is an organization that promotes creativity, teamwork and problem solving. Teams of 2-7 members will take on a specific challenge of their choosing, problem solve and then present their solution to judges at a regional tournament. There are a number of different challenges from which to choose from.

Teams must also recruit two adults to act as a Team Manager and Team Appraiser. The team manager helps guide the students to problem solve on their own and to guide the students in coordinating practices. The Team Appraiser is another adult volunteer who agrees to help out at the tournament in regards to concessions or judging. Trainings are usually held in the late fall for both team managers and appraisers to and the training costs are covered by the Rice Lake Gifted and Talented Program. Past team managers and the GT Coordinator are always available as a resource to our volunteers as questions arise.

DI signups usually occur during the month of September with the St. Croix Valley Regional Tournament taking place in late March. If you have further questions about DI or want to learn more about how to get involved in some capacity, please