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Here is why you should choose Rice Lake Area School District

Situated in the breathtaking Red Cedar River valley, Rice Lake is a truly special place to live, learn, and work. If you have recently moved or are planning to move into our community, we would like to welcome you!  If you are looking into enrolling your children in school, we would like you to learn more about what the Rice Lake Area School District has to offer. From academic achievement to athletic skill, the community of Rice Lake is dedicated to providing the widest range of opportunity for EVERY child. 
Here are the top five reasons to choose Rice Lake Area School District
1. A Safe and Welcoming Learning Environment
At Rice Lake Area School District, staff do their best to make students feel included and accepted. The schools are safe and secure environments that allow students to learn at their full potential. The district is timely and transparent in their communication efforts to keep families, students, and staff informed of what is happening in the district.
2. Endless Opportunities
RLASD offers a multitude of opportunities, from the moment a child enters 4K up until they graduate high school. Students can participate in a variety of activities and take classes that interest them. The high school alone offers over 150 courses, including 10 Advanced Placement courses. The district is also continually collaborating with local businesses to create pathways in a variety of fields, blending expertise from local employers with student interest to create solid partnerships. RLASD is competitive academically as well as athletically. Outside of school, students can participate in our numerous clubs and activities.  

3. Dedicated Teachers and Staff
The staff at RLASD are one of a kind. The priority is to build relationships with students to help them grow. Staff members are here to partner with students, families, and community members to provide a safe learning environment and to ensure students achieve academic and personal success as they become lifelong learners. 

4. Exceptional Co-Curricular and Extracurricular Opportunities
Students at RLASD can choose from a variety of co-curricular and extracurricular activities. There are a wide range of activities to allow all students to feel included and help expand their overall education throughout their years at RLASD. These opportunities guide students into becoming diverse and well-rounded graduates.

5. Commitment to Students' Social-Emotional Health
RLASD supports the social-emotional health of students. The district finds extreme value in helping build our students' confidence in feeling positive about moving forward from year-to-year. Staff in the district are working hard to ensure students are learning to be self-aware, developing positive relationships with others, and making safe decisions. RLASD is continuously looking to prepare all students to become successful and healthy members of society. 

For more details about RLASD and the overall area, look through our District Profile and Community page.