McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act


In a shelter
Doubled up with another family due to loss of housing or economic hardship
In a hotel or campground due to the lack of an alternative adequate accommodation
In a car, park, abandoned building

Your eligible children have the right to:

  • Receive a free, appropriate public education.
  • Enroll in school immediately, even if lacking documents normally required for enrollment.
  • Enroll in school and attend classes while the school gather needed documents.
  • Enroll in the local school; or continue attending their school of origin (the school they attended  when permanently housed or the school in which they were last enrolled), if that is your preference.
  • Receive transportation to and from the school or origin, if you request this,
  • Receive educational services comparable to those provided to other students, according to your child's needs.


If you believe your children may be eligible, contact a district liaison to find out what services and supports may be available.

District Homeless Liaison:

Joshua Morey
School Social Worker
715-234-2181, ext. 5262



RLASD McKinney Vento Homeless Rights Brochure

McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act

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National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth

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Housing Resources - Help Find Housing - Help Pay for Housing - Temporary Shelter Programs


Barron County Housing Authority
Provides affordable housing opportunities for low-income, elderly, and disabled residents of Barron County Phone: 715-537-5344
611 E. 
Woodland Avenue, #25,  Barron, WI 54812

Rice Lake Housing Authority
Provides affordable housing opportunities for low-income
Phone: 715-234-3721
132 W Marshall St Rice Lake, WI 54868

Homeless Shelters
Benjamin House, Rice Lake: 715-736-2437
Guest House, Rice Lake: 715-234-4811
Timeout (Domestic Abuse), Ladysmith: 715-532-6976
Northwoods, Amery: 715-268-5730 or 715-554-0137
Warming House, Rice Lake: 715-651-8741
Lighthouse, Ladysmith: 715-532-6822

Other Resources
Rental Properties in Wisconsin
Find Shelter and Housing
Rural Housing, Inc.

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