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What is the Education Foundation of Rice Lake?

The Education Foundation of Rice Lake (EFRL) is an Independent, not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to help the Rice Lake School District teachers and students excel in programs that are not funded by public tax dollars. The foundation has created an endowment which in turn helps provide and sustain district wide opportunities for educational excellence.

Our Mission
The mission of the Education Foundation of Rice Lake, Inc. is to “nurture excellence through private funding of innovative educational programs that inspire kindergarten through high school students and teachers to achieve excellence.”

Where does the Education Foundation of Rice Lake get their Growth Grant dollars?
Individuals like you, along with civic groups and corporations have all generously donated money to the endowment fund of the foundation since 1994. By making a donation you are contributing to a stronger school district as well as creating a tax deduction for yourself.

How does the Education Foundation of Rice Lake help students and teachers?
Educators throughout the community are encouraged to apply for GROWTH GRANTS that will support innovative educational projects that have been developed by teachers themselves. The foundation enables teachers to stimulate new thinking, commitment and involvement of students through public education without the burden of budgetary constraints.

How are the Growth Grant dollars spent?
The EFRL is a tax exempt charitable endowment from which the principle is never used. Only interest earned from the investment of the principle is ever spent. To date we have awarded over $100,000 to Rice Lake area schools.

Visit the links associated with this page to apply for a growth grant or learn more!

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