School Wellness Information

Under federal directions from the USDA, the Rice Lake Area School District has established a Wellness Committee to develop a new School Wellness Policy.

That committee - made up of school officials, area business leaders, parents, and health professionals, among others - started meeting in April of 2017 to establish the School Wellness Policy.  Committee members included:

  • Callie Hackel - RLASD Food Service Director
  • Jen Jensen - Tainter Elementary Physical Education Teacher
  • Tina King - Elementary School Nurse
  • Trisha Neuser - Middle School/High School Nurse
  • Karal Arrigoni - Parent and Licensed Dietician
  • Julie Buergi - Parent
  • Steve Parkman - Parent and Business Owner
  • Lauryn Brunclick - Business Owner and Chiropractor
  • Dan Haughian - Middle School Health Teacher
  • Paul Thurston - High School Health Teacher
  • Doug Kucko - School Board Member
  • Susan Strouf - Director of Pupil Services

As a result of the committee meetings, a School Wellness Policy has been drafted. The purpose of the federally directed wellness directives is to instigate healthier eating habits for our children to combat obesity and to ensure that school meals meet minimal nutrition standards. In the 2016/17 school year, Rice Lake had 2,316 students enrolled in the district. Of that total population, over 80 students had food allergies, diabetes or other gastrointestinal issues that could be adversely affected by consuming certain types of foods - which leads to the second role of the Wellness Policy: keeping our kids safe. The basics of the new Wellness Policy, including what now can and can't be brought in for school parties, etc. can be viewed below.

Wellness Banner

Due to food safety and concerns about children with severe allergies, diabetes, etc., under directions from the USDA, any food provided to students must be one of the following:
  • Whole fruits or vegetables

  • Commercially prepared snacks accompanied by a manufacturer's label with a full list of ingredients

  • Any beverage (other than plain water) must be accompanied by a manufacturer's label with a full list of ingredients

Again, to reiterate, last year we had over 80 children district-wide that had conditions that were adversely affected by certain types of foods.  The USDA has implemented these new policies to ensure that these children can be certain that what they are being served in the classroom won't endanger them.

  • School Wellness Policy Update - This is a letter written by Student Services Director, Susan L. Strouf explaining the new Wellness Policy

  • School Snacks for Staff - This is a memorandum given to staff members indicating how they can comply with the new School Wellness Policy

  • Healthy Celebrations - This is an article that give great information on the promotion of a healthy lifestyle