Early Childhood

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Each school district in Wisconsin is responsible for providing a continuum of Special Education and Related Services to Children with Disabilities and who need special education. Children are evaluated to determine if they met the one of the state's eligibility criteria. Special education and related services may provide consultation to staff, direct services to the child, training related to the disability, and other services that are identified in the child's Individualized Education Program.

We are fortunate to have Anna Barthen teaching our early childhood program along with paraprofessional Melissa Nispel. 

Please reach out to them if you have any questions regarding specialized services for children not yet eligible for our district's 4K kindergarten (four as of September 1).  Please also see district services for our Littlest Learners.


Barthen, Anna
Teacher - Early Childhood Special Education

Nispel, Melissa 
SPED Paraprofessional