School Social Worker/Community Outreach

A school social worker is an integral part of education in today's society. He or she responds to the concerns of staff and administrators about students and families; has a leadership role with documentation, data collection/analysis, child abuse and neglect, mandatory reporting, mental health crises, trauma and poverty; provides training for identification and support for students who are homeless; provides Tier II check-in/check-out as well as small-group and individual counseling; and provides community leadership regarding how policy affects children and families (Poverty Coalition, Trauma-informed practices, LGBTQ policy).

Please reach out to our school social worker or community outreach worker if you have any questions, comments, concerns or need help of any kind.
Amanda Brown 
Brown, Amanda
Mental Health Coordinator
 ext. 5530
 Joshua Morey
Morey, Joshua
School Social Worker
ext. 5262

For more information on the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, please click here.