Who are Paraprofessionals?
A paraprofessional is a school employee who works under the supervision of a special education teacher to support students. With the promotion of inclusive practices and increased emphasis on academic achievement for all students, the number of paraprofessionals has expanded and their role has changed significantly in the last few decades. They offer individualized and intensive support to students with special needs with jobs often mirroring those of teachers, providing support to student in a range of academic, behavioral and motor areas:

  • Delivery of instruction or assistance of instruction. Paraprofessionals may assist with follow-up instructions, tutoring or homework help.

  • Instructional material preparation

  • Data collection

  • Behavioral support. Facilitating social skills, peer interactions and positive behavior support plans.

  • Supervision and safety. Supervision in group setting such as the cafeteria, hallways, bussing, community trips etc..

  • Clerical Duties. Performing these duties allows the teacher more time for instructing students

  • Assisting students in attendant care services (this may include assisting with toileting, and or brushing teeth, feeding)

  • Communication with the team

  • Enable students with disabilities to gain access to the general education setting and the curriculum.

  • Paraeducators may assume a wide range of responsibilities managing the academic and behavioral needs of students receiving special education services.

  • Paraprofessionals support students in a variety of settings

    • General education inclusive setting

    • Resource setting

    • Self-contained special education setting

Paraprofessional Handbook