Warriors on Wisconsin (WOW)

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700 Augusta Street

The Warriors on Wisconsin (WOW) program offers students a unique educational experience. Students are able to participate in a “hybrid” model, whereas, students can do online work and be in face-to-face classes with direct instruction. All this takes place at an alternative setting that provides one on one mentoring, a family like atmosphere and a small school feel. Upon completion of all graduation requirements, students will receive a Rice Lake Area School District graduation diploma. Placement into the WOW  program is determined by the principal and the staff of Warriors on Wisconsin. Our program follows the RLASD school calendar.

Instructors at Warriors on Wisconsin (WOW) work closely with individual students in a mentor/mentee role. This allows students to develop an Individualized Learning Plan that fits their learning style and goals. With a learning plan in place, students work to achieve their graduation requirements, including working on an E-Portfolio or for credit recovery. Students are also able to travel to Rice Lake High School to participate in courses not offered at WOW. Students are encouraged to participate in the various school clubs, athletics and events offered at Rice Lake High School. Furthermore, students can organize their own events for the students of WOW. Examples of this in the past have been movie nights, dinners and project share-outs (showcases).

If a parent is wants his or her child to join the Warriors on Wisconsin and the child is not residing in the Rice Lake Area School District, the student would need to go through the steps necessary to be considered for open enrollment to the Rice Lake Area School District. A student assistance team would determine whether the WOW program would be the best placement for the student. Individual Education Teams (IEP Teams) must convene in order to determine if Warriors on Wisconsin is an appropriate placement option for a special education student to receive their education.

Ultimately, the goal of Warriors on Wisconsin is to provide an appropriate, non-threatening learning environment, which meets the needs, skills, and learning styles of all students. Furthermore, WOW aims to create a rigorous and challenging academic experience for students to achieve their personal best. The staff of WOW realizes that each student comes to school with a different set of experiences, values, and attitudes.  Warriors on Wisconsin values each individual that is placed in the program and will encourage and assist students to use these experiences, along with their strengths and interests, to become successful learners and members of our community.  We will celebrate our successes, and will work through our disappointments.  Challenges will be met head on and we can work together to make school a successful experience.