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E-Funds:  Mobile and non-mobile now uses the same URL
(new July 2018)

E-Funds Login

Parents/Guardians of students in the Rice Lake Area School District have the opportunity to make payments for school lunch and specified student fees through a safe, secure, and convenient online payment program called “E-Funds”. Making payments online can provide the following benefits:

  • Payments can be made from any computer (including your home computer) that has Internet access.
  • Payments will show up in real time in Skyward (Family Access) and at school
  • No waiting in lines to make payments in person
  • A confirmation receipt can be printed verifying the payment and you receive email confirmations when payment has been received.
  • The option is available to make automatic payments on a timed basis (monthly, etc)
  • A Partial payment option is available

E-Funds offers 2 options for making payments:

1. Through a Checking Account (E-Funds fees are $1.00 per transaction)

2. Through a Credit Card (E-Funds fees are $2.65 up to $100 of payments)  (additional $2.65 for each additional $100 payment range)

Note: The Rice Lake Area School District does not receive any part of the convenience/transaction fees charged by E-Funds.

How do I get started?  Follow the steps outlined on the right hand part of this screen.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 234-9007, Ext. 5298.

  • The registration process (at the E-Funds website) links parents to students by their primary phone number listed in the school’s Student Information System

  • Using Skyward Family Access parents can see the history of all outstanding fees, fees yet to be paid, and lunch account balances. Family Access will show all details, whether or not the payment is made online through E-Funds.  It is advisable for parents to first login to Family Access to view their fees and choose the "Make Online Payment" link which will take them to the E-Funds login screen.

  • The option is still available to pay any/all fees in person or by sending a check to the school office. 

Follow these steps in order:

1.  Set Up Your E-Funds Account

2. Using your E-Funds account to make online payments
Note - You can now login to your Family Access Account to view your balances and choose "Make Online Payment" to get directly to the E-Funds login

3.  E-Funds Login

Alternative payment options