Notification System

"School Messenger" Rapid Response Communication System

If you are a parent of a Rice Lake Area School District student, have you:

• ever just completely forgotten about parent-teacher conferences?
• ever gotten up really early to listen to the radio to find out if schools were going to be closed because of the weather?

The Rice Lake Area School District uses a rapid communication service for parents, students, and staff to alleviate this type of anxiety as well as provide vital information. Developed to address the demands of changing technologies, this system provides educators with the ability to deliver hundreds or even thousands of phone calls, emails, and text messages per minute about various topics such as weather cancellations and delays, school safety, important events, and deadlines. In addition, to providing accurate and timely information the system can send the voice message in different languages for those non-English speaking parents. 

The successful delivery of the information is dependent upon accurate contact information. Therefore,
it is imperative schools have current parent/guardian phone numbers (home and cell) as well as email addresses - Please update your information through your Family Access login

In order for you to receive Text Messages from the school, you have to do the following:

  • Log into your Family Access Account - choose "Skylert - enter the Text Message Numbers you want to receive text messages at

For more information on the system, please contact us at 715.234.9007, extension 5298